Our Work

The Financial Disclosure team is part of the World Bank Financial Market Integrity unit. The team analyzes disclosure systems of financial and business interests for public officials in 176 jurisdictions around the world. This is the first time that objective data based on systematic analysis of laws and regulations, and their implementation in practice have been assembled on a truly global scale. The work carried out by the team involves technical assistance, publications and knowledge sharing.

Financial disclosure work fits within the context of the World Bank Group Governance and Anti-Corruption Strategy and specifically supports public sector integrity by promoting the integrity of public officials through standards for income and asset disclosure and to counter conflict of interest (World Bank, “Strengthening Governance, Tackling Corruption: World Bank Updated Strategy and Implementation Plan” (pdf), 2012).

Technical Assistance


Knowledge Sharing

Technical Assistance Publications Knowledge Sharing
We support countries through training programes/workshops and advisory services in designing and developing financial disclosure systems. We explore innovative uses of financial disclosure through our articles and publications. We organize events and conferences to encourage dialogue and experience exchange among relevant experts and practitioners at regional and global levels.

For further information and comments, please contact us at assetdisclosure@worldbank.org